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This section is dedicated to you who appreciate and enjoy a home aquarium, reptiles, amphibians, or small animals (other than cats, dogs & birds). There’s always something new and exciting in livestock, tips on how to better care for your fish or maintain your aquarium. We update this section on a regular basis, so make a point of visiting frequently.




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Water Quality

Biological filtration - The Nitrogen  Cycle

Ammonia, pH & Nitrite

Osmoregulation in Freshwater Fish

The Importance of Water Changes 

General Information

Where Do Your Fish Come From?

Purchasing Fish

Toxins in Fish, Invertebrates

   & Amphibians

“Winterizing” Your Fish

About Aquariums

Community Display Tanks

Aquarium Lighting

Fresh Water Fish

“Mellow” Cichlids

Variatus - Not Just a Feeder

Geophagus, The “Earth Eater” Family

The Discus Mystique

Corydoras Catfish

Plecostomus -The Aquarium

  Lawn Mower 

The Labyrinth Fish

Tetras and Their Kin

Common Freshwater Diseases Their

Identification and Cure

African Cichlids

How the Cichlid Species Developed

Background & Tips on Care

• The Genus Haplochromis, Red Fin

  Borley &and Melanchromis Chipokae

Salt Water Fish & Invertebrates

Trends in Saltwater Fish

Specific Gravity- The Key to Better 

  Salt water Clarity

Anyone for a Glass of Salt Water

Hawaiian Saltwater Fish

Hawaiian Butterfly Fish

Centropyge Angels

Make a friend Out of an Anemone

Displaying Live Corals

Saltwater Shrimp

Goldfish - Domestic & Imported

A Background to Goldfish

Koi - Ideal for Garden Ponds

Diangnosis & Treatment of

  Goldfish  Diseases

Potential Problems With

  Imported Goldfish      

Aquatic Specialties

An Overview of Aquatic Specialties

Norfolk Baby Blue Lobsters

Displaying Newts & Frogs

Freshwater Fiddler Crabs, Dwarf 

  African Frogs, and Water dogs

Aquatic Plants

Plants - Their Relationship to Water

  Quality and Fish

Garden Pond Plants

Water Garden Plants

Foods - Live & Frozen

Nutrition - It’s Relationship to

  Healthy Ornamental Tropical Fish

Reptiles and Amphibians

Jackson’s Chameleons & Other

  Old World Chameleons

Caring for Farm-raised

   Baby Iguanas

Care of Sailfin Lizards

Care of Amphibians

The Argentine Horned Frog &

  White’s Tree Frog

Care of Snakes 

Notes on Ball Pythons

Fascinating Scorpions

Land Hermit Crabs - Care & Health Hints

Small Animals

Rabbits - Wonderful House Pets

The Chinchilla Story


Hamsters- Care and Feeding

African Pigmy Hedgehogs

Prarie Dogs - General Care & Feeding