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1) Keep the terrarium moist or wet at all times. 

2) Feed frogs and toads living insects at least every 2 or 3 days. Most salamanders or newts will accept chopped earthworms or small pieces of lean meat as well as small insects such as crickets or meal worms. 

3) All frogs should have a place to get out of the water; tree frogs and toads do not require standing water, although they do need dampness. 

4) It is best to have damp moss or earth for amphibians to hide in at will. 

5) Newts (other than those in the red terrestial stage of development) are fully aquatic, and should be kept in aquariums. 

6) Terrariums should have tight fitting covers to prevent escapes. When wet, salamanders can crawl up vertical glass through adhesion of their bodies. 

7) Room temperatures will suffice for most species of amphibians. It is best not to heat terrariums any more than necessary. 

8) Salamanders are distinguishable from lizards (which are not reptiles) by their moist skin, lack of scales, and no ear holes, claws or feet.

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