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   Live aquatic plants are one of the most overlooked, yet one of the most important organisms in the life cycle of the aquarium. 

   A properly planted aquarium will bring years of enjoyment to its owner with a very limited amount of labor on the aquarist's part. 

   We all recognize that the most common way of starting a new aquarium is to let the tank run for a day or two, and then return to your store to buy a few fish. We propose that when you buy the aquarium, get some plants at the same time. And be sure to include some algae-eating fish, such as otocinclus, flying fox, and mollies. 

   Why live plants? Live plants provide oxygen to the environment during periods of light while consuming carbon dioxide from the water, thus 

keeping the pH level balanced. Carbon dioxide in the water creates carbonic acid which tends to lower the pH of the aquarium. Live plants, being more highly developed than the various microalgae, are able to consume more of the nitrites needed by algaes, thus keeping them under control. Live aquatic plants also provide fish with a little fresh green food, and are consumers of nitrate, which keeps the aquarium in a much more natural state of balance. Finally, live plants make for a more natural look, and fish stress is reduced with plants in the aquarium. 

   Remember that nature runs perfectly when left to herself. Only through man's intervention does this balance get upset. With this in mind, an aquarium that is heavily planted requires less maintenance and runs more efficiently.

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