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   Many people ask us how to best "show-off" aquatic specialties. They want to know how to display these items in a way that will create maximum interest. Here are a couple of pointers: 

   Display frogs and newts where friends can easily stop and look at them- don't place them in a low tank where they cannot be seen, and don't keep the water level in the tank so high that they can climb out. 

   We recommend an eye-level or shelf display, using at least a ten gallon aquarium, and a cover with a fluorescent hood equipped with a "daylight" bulb. Start by setting up the tank with half the area land and half water. Construct the land portion of gravel or stones to rise four to five inches from the bottom, and let the water remain about two inches deep. You can even set the land up as staging, using artificial grass or moss on a built-up platform. Be sure the water level is high enough around the platform to allow newts to climb on it. 

   Now you're ready to go! You can combine common newts, firebelly newts, small African frogs, albino frogs, and more. Make sure all newts and frogs are of similar size. 


Here's another tip. Add some green tree frogs- they cling to the glass, so you now have animals in the water, on the land, and even on the sides of the aquarium. Please remember, however, that green tree frogs are not aquatic, and they will not go into the water like the aquatic specialties. 

   Last but not least, decorate the tank imaginatively. Use marginal or bog plants (arrowhead, Brazilian swordplant, sandrianas, etc.) and interesting rocks, even branches. Have fun and good luck!

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