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   Nothing is as breathtaking as a tank filled with well-kept discus. Their striking colors, shape and personality are drawing a greater following than ever before. More and more people are turning to these special fish. Enthusiasts actively encourage other hobbyists to purchase a pair as discus are not difficult to maintain. 

   Discus can be very easy to keep and very long lived with just a little extra care. The key to success is actually very simple. First, start with the best quality of fish you can find, and then provide them with plenty of heat - 84 to 86 degrees or even warmer is not too hot. They prefer soft acidic water, but discus are somewhat tolerant of water quality, particularly if the heat is there. 

   At first, feeding might be a little tricky. Most specimens will really go for live blackworms and frozen bloodworms. Why not try out the new frozen foods that are made just for them? Pro Salt's Prodiscus and San Francisco Bay Brand's Discus Delight are excellent choices and are available in different sizes. 

   Discus love plants. They provide much needed security and reduce stress, besides softening the water. There is always a good selection of plants for you to choose from. Amazon Swords, Java Fern and varieties of Cryptocoryne are a few that do well in the water conditions that discus like. Discus look their best when displayed in a well planted tank.








   You will find the wild-caught specimens like Blues and Putamayos as well as the new tank-raised varieties like the Cobalt Blues and Red Emperors to be colorful and showy. Several different sizes in each variety are usually available. 

   When water conditions are strictly monitored and properly maintained, it assures the quality and color of the specimens. If you like the "exotic" look of both color and body patterns displayed in a specialty tank you'll quickly become a discus enthusiast!

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