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   Freshwater fiddler crabs can be kept in a terrarium... did you know that? Here's an attractive way to display them. Take a ten inch diameter goldfish bowl (the type with a flat front and back) and fill it two thirds full with slightly damp fine sand. Provide a small water bowl, and keep it full and clean at all times. Add a couple of crabs. Soon they will start to construct burrows and tunnels, just like an ant farm.



   These crabs are from a specific landlocked area in Florida, where their environment slowly changed from salt to fresh water. True fresh water fiddlers are distinctly dark in color, and do excellently in fresh water aquaria. Red fiddlers are much cheaper, but are not true fresh water animals.

Dwarf African frogs can be collected in Africa, imported from Indonesia, or purchased right in this country from a frog farm... that's right- a frog farm! And since that's all they do at this farm, we have found that although they are more expensive, domestically raised frogs are far healthier than imports. Well, if all you did was raise frogs, you'd probably get pretty good at it too! By the way, ask your dealer is they carry tank-raised African clawed frogs. That means no parasites and no disease.
Water dogs are a larval stage of the tiger salamander. They do very well in bowls by themselves or with fish, as long as the fish cannot be swallowed. If they like where they are, they might decide to never grow up! If these Peter Pan newts do grow up, they turn into adult tiger salamanders with nice markings. (Sorry, New York and New Jersey hobbyists: these creatures are not allowed in your states.) 5555555555555555555555555555

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