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The genus Haplochromis was recently reclassified. For example, the new name for Haplochromis VC-10 is Placidochromis milomo. Whatever name you know it by, this species is from Lake Malawi. Its body shape is similar to the popular polystigma, livingstoni and venustus haps. Background color is silvery with six distinctive vertical bar/blotches and a seventh diagonal bar through the eye. Youngsters develop a blue sheen to the body as they approach two inches. Ask us for a list of the more popular varieties with their new scientific names.
Red Fin Borleyi is a fairly new introduction, so customers may not have seen pictures of it as yet. Youngsters that Fish Mart is selling are about two inches long. They have brown coloration with a silvery sheen and all fins are bright orange- it's a striking combination!


Melanochromis Chipokae resembles the more popular M. Auratus. However, they grow larger and have a more pointed head. The color of a mature male is black with a broad horizontal blue stripe.

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