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PLECOSTOMUS - Your aquarium's lawnmower

   With the longer days of Spring and Summer, there's more intense natural light, which causes more algae to grow in aquariums. These seasons are a good time to consider algae eating fish such as plecostomus. You'll generally find algae eating fish featured in a prominent location in your dealer's aquarium section. . 

   Plecostomus (plecos) are one of the best algae eaters. They are available in many sizes, and there are an incredible number of species available. 20 to 30 varieties are usually available at any time! There truly is a type of plecostomus for every hobbyist. 


 Inexpensive "Chinese" algae eaters make a good tank cleaner, and there is also an attractive gold version of this species available. Otocinclus catfish resemble a small algae eater crossed with a plecostomus. They only grow to a couple of inches, so they are recommended for small aquariums. Clown and widemouth plecos also stay fairly small. Whiptail and farlowella catfish are odd looking and interesting. 

   Plecostomus and their kin have healthy appetites, so make sure they get enough to eat. Romaine lettuce is the perfect food for all algae eaters and vegetarian fish. You can also use some of the new frozen foods formulated for herbivorous fish.

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