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   From our experience, far too many hobbyists overlook doing water changes simply because their tanks look good. They think that by adding enough water to make up for evaporation, the tank will stay in good condition. 

   Believe us, Just the opposite is true. A lot goes on chemically in an aquarium that you cannot see. Tanks that simply have water added build up excessive amounts of organic wastes and minerals, causing water quality to deteriorate. This usually results in diseased fish, or in what appears to be an unexplainable fish loss. 

   Check your pH, ammonia, nitrite and nitrate levels, and make sure that all your tanks get the care they need. It is strongly recommended that you change a minimum of 10% of the water in all aquariums on a weekly basis as part of your regular maintenance program.

    It is important to maintain aquariums to prevent fluctuations inwater parameters. If you are having a problem with water conditions, why not try changing a larger amount of water- maybe up to 75%. 

   The hydro or gravel cleaning type of siphons should always be used as you want to remove as much waste from of the gravel as is possible. Supplies to have on hand are a siphon, one or more buckets, appropriate water conditioners, chemicals to alter pH, aquarium salt, algae pads, scrapers, and necessary test kits. 

1. Weekly water changes will help maintain a stable aquarium environment. 

2. You can't always depend on additives to correct pH, carbon to get rid of organic wastes, or ammonia removers to do their job. 

3. You can count on the benefits that come from simply changing the water.


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