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   Hawaiian butterfly fish are extremely hardy, colorful and interesting. The Hawaiian government looks favorably upon the collection of ornamental saltwater tropical fish, treating it as a renewable, natural resource. They are hand-caught in the United States, free of any ecological stigma, and as collectors and their facilities are never far from airports, there is less stress and related disease problems. These key points are certainly selling features for Hawaiian butterflies. 

The most frequently seen butterfly fish are Forciper flavissimus, or longnose butterfly, Chaetodon lunula, known as the raccoon or lunula butterfly, and Chaetodon auriga, commonly called the threadfin or auriga butterfly. Fish Mart regularly stocks an additional six species which you can easily look up in any marine fish book. The Latin and common names of these beautifully patterned colorful fish are: 

Chaetodon frembii - blue striped butterfly 

Chaetodon kleini - kleini butterfly 

Chaetodon multicinctus - pebble butterfly 

Chaetodon miliaris - lemon butterfly 

Chaetodon quadrimaculatus - four-spot butterfly (not to be confused with the Atlantic four-eye butterfly) 

Hemitaurichthys polylepis - diamond, pyramid, or incorrectly known as the zoster butterfly.

   These butterfly fish eat a variety of foods; at Fish Mart they are fed flake food, brine shrimp and other frozen foods. These frozen foods are more nutritous than the processed ones, which have been exposed to high temperatures during manufacture. Remember that the particle size is important when feeding fish. Some butterflies, like the Diamond, for example, have a large mouth, so be sure to break up frozen foods into appropriate size. 

Hawaiian butterflies are available in a variety of sizes, and most are available at affordable prices.

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