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   Sailfin lizards from the Philippines grow to over three feet in length, and males get the spectacular sail fin and bright blue eyes. Sailfins are omnivorous, and when under one foot in length will eat crickets. They should be offered a variety of foods as well as vitamin and calcium supplements. When you first get your sailfin, a lot of tender loving care is recommended; they need help adapting to their new home. One of the best foods for a newly arrived Sailfin is ripe banana. This provides a good source of energy as well as badly

needed electrolytes, especially potassium. Keep your Sailfin warm, and don't let a lot of people around him for a few days. Get him off to a good start and your Sailfin will make a good pet for a long time.


Giant Day Geckos from Madagasgar are bright green with cherry markings. They are the largest day geckos, actively hunt insects, and have a sweet tooth as well. Offer them some apricot baby food and see what happens!

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