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   One of the most popular catfish available to the hobbyist is the corydoras. There are over 100 species of corydoras identified to date. Their sizes range from one to five inches, and they are found in countries all over South America, including Brazil, Peru, Venezuela, the Guineas, Columbia, Trinidad, and Uruguay. 

   If you look at the corydoras you will notice some have compressed bodies and faces, while others have elongated bodies and faces. This allows the latter group to find food where the shorter - faced fishes cannot go. Every corydoras has a different pattern and design to its body. The Corydoras Julii has spotted horizontal stripes running down the sides of its body with a fleshy-colored background. 


The Corydoras Aeneus has a beautiful solid bronze-green color, with plate-like scales running around the sides of the body. 

    Corydoras are very easy to care for. They can handle a pH of 6.3 to 7.8, and feed on anything edible. Although generally thought of as only scavengers, they require a well-rounded diet such as meaty frozen food, live worms, and flake food. 

   Every community tank should have at least one, if not more, of this genus; they school together very nicely. Corydoras Aeneus, Paleatus, and Panda are raised domestically, but most species are wild caught, and are seasonal.


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