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   Argentine Horned Frogs, also known as the "Pac Man Frogs" are one of the most beautiful and unusual species of frog. They are native to Argentina, Uruguay, and Rio Grande do Sol, Brazil. Many in the trade are now domestically bred, however. 

   Although these frogs come in various shades of color, they are still easily sexed; males are smaller and have darker throats. Mature males have nuptial pads on the insides of their thumbs which are almost black during mating season.

   Younger Argentine Horned Frogs ( 1 1/4" or less) should be fed feeder guppies. As their size increases, so does the young frog's appetite. They should be fed only live food half their size. Once they have reached adulthood (up to five or six inches in length), they can be trained to eat pre-killed mice. 

   Keep your young frogs in a terrarium with fresh water no deeper than one to two inches, according to size. If the water's too deep, the frogs may drown! One more warning: these frogs are very sensitive to their own waste product, so their water must be kept very clean.


The White's Tree Frog (Litoria Caerulea) is also called the Dumpy Tree Frog. This easy to keep tree frog appears naturally tame, eats crickets readily, and adapts very well to captivity. 


They are native to Australia, although ours are bred in Indonesia. They like a fairly dry terrarium with plenty of branches or sticks to climb on. Always provide a dish of clean water for drinking.

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