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    During the cold of winter, disease can run wild in your fish tank. Most common is the parasitic infestation commonly called Ich. This is usually caused by temperature fluctuation. What can you do? 

Here’s a few tips: 

   1) Closely monitor your aquarium. Check conditions on a regular, even a daily basis ,and be sure to pull any dead or diseased fish. It is very important to catch problems right away - for any disease. Remember, especially if you have several tanks, that you can unintentionally spread disease simply by going from tank to tank with an infected net. So make sure to use a net dip or individual nets for each aquarium. 

   2) Culling is another important aspect. Dispose of any fish that appear wasted or have fin and tail rot. This is a major action to prevent spreading the disease. This also maintains a clean and attractive look to your tanks.

    3) Check with your favorite dealer on what symptoms to look for in the particular fish you have in your tank, and the conditions that could cause particular diseases. They can also tell you how to correct most problems, and explain the medications you’ll be using. Remember the old adage, "An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure".

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