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COMMON FRESHWATER DISEASES: Their identification and cure


Observations: A whitish haze or "velvety" appearance. 

Conditions: Dirty water in conjunction with high ammonia and/or nitrate levels. This is indicative of a filtration problem. 

Fish Affected: Live-bearers, danios, and tetras. 

Cure: Malachite and Formaldehyde; Acriflavine is also effective. Raising the normal one teaspoon of salt to two teaspoons is also helpful. 

General medication tips: 

When starting a treatment program, keep the following tips in mind:

  Different products may contain varying amounts of the active ingredient. Follow instructions on the package carefully. 

Make sure the treatment program is continued for the entire prescribed length of time. 

Do not add new fish to the treated tank or transfer any fish being medicated to a community tank. 

Keep one teaspoon (minimum) of salt per gallon in the water. 

Monitor ammonia and nitrite levels, keeping them at zero. 

   A review of the causal factors in all these diseases- overcrowding, poor filtration, high ammonia levels, and rapid temperature and/or pH changes- reveals a common link: All relate to water quality.

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