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The Northeast's largest wholesale livestock distributor selling exclusively to retail pet and aquarium stores.


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Bill to prohibit the sale of Puppies, kittens, and RABBITS by pet stores in Connecticut

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“Without standing together, there is real potential for an end of the era of aquariums….”

Laura “Peach” Reid, PIJAC Board Chair

The World Pet Association (WPA) honored Laura "Peach" Reid, president Matsui Lifetime Achievement Award.
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Access our full inventory of Fresh Water Tropicals, Salt Water Fish and Invertebrates, African Cichlids, Brackish Species and Synodontis Cats, Domestic and Imported Goldfish, Aquatic Specialties, Plants, Reptiles and Amphibians, Small Animals (we are U.S.D.A. licensed), Birds, Live & Frozen foods, and Selected Dry Goods from our INVENTORY.

This Weeks Super Specials October 21st to 25th


Tangerine Lyretail Mollies
Ghould Panda Molly
Gold Panda Lyretail Molly
Premium Balloon Molly
Breaking Dawn Platy
Salvini Cichlids
Red Tiger Oscar
Asst.  Mickey Mouse Platies
Marble Molly
Boo Acara
Lemon Oscars
Bumblebee Cat
Lima Shovelnose
Black Ghouli  Loach
Brick Swords
Clown Pleco
Sunset Thicklip Gourami
Male Turquoise Gourami
Albino Polypterus Senegalus Eels
Md. Clown Knife
Flying Fox
Gold Tinfoil Barb
Oddssa Barb
White Tetra
Electric Boo Acara
Lg. Silver Arowana
Leperinus  Fasciatus

2.5” Assorted Peacock
Hap. Red Fin Borleyi
Red Shoulder Peacocks
Hap Electric Blue Ahli


Hippo Tangs
Kleini Butterfly
Sailfin Tangs
Sm. Tomato Clown
Green Thalasoma (lunare) Wrasse
Boo Velvet Damsel
Pencil Urchin
Clown (Lineatus) Tang
Lg. Tomato Clowns
Copperband Butterfly
Male Blue Throat Trigger
Green Clown Gobies
Algae Blenny
Hoeven’s Wrasse
Arrow Crab

Md. Imported Asst.  OOHrandas
Md. Imported Red Orandas
Md. Imported Calico Oranda
Assassin Snails
Pool Comets
Domestic Calico Fan
Md. Koi
Trapdoor Snails








Bearded Dragons









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