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“Without standing together, there is real potential for an end of the era of aquariums….”

Laura “Peach” Reid, PIJAC Board Chair

The World Pet Association (WPA) honored Laura "Peach" Reid, president Matsui Lifetime Achievement Award.
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Access our full inventory of Fresh Water Tropicals, Salt Water Fish and Invertebrates, African Cichlids, Brackish Species and Synodontis Cats, Domestic and Imported Goldfish, Aquatic Specialties, Plants, Reptiles and Amphibians, Small Animals (we are U.S.D.A. licensed), Birds, Live & Frozen foods, and Selected Dry Goods from our INVENTORY.

This Weeks Super Specials December 10 to 14

Red Sunset Mollies
Dalmatian Mollies 
Garra Panda Loaches (Flavatra)
Asst. Mickey Mouse Platies
Lg. Pineapple Wag Swordtails
2.5-3” Lukenani Cichlids
Lg. Silver Sailfin Lyretail Mollies
Lg. Algae Eaters
2” Hi-Fin Albino Gibbiceps Plecos
1” Syn. Polka Dot Cats (Nigrita)
Melon Barbs
1.5” Red Devil Cichlids
Beckfordi Pencilfish
Veiltail Serpea Tetras
1.5” Gold Tinfoil Barbs
Orange Neon Mollies
Gold Twin Bar Platies
Lyretail Dalmatian Mollies  
2.5” Red Tiger Oscars
2” Balzani Geophagus
Widemouth Plecos
Red Platies 
1.5” Salvini Cichlids
4” Albino Bushy Nose Plecos
Turquoise Male Gouramis
1.5” Tinfoil Barbs
Bloodfin Tetras
2.5” Spotted Silver $’s  m.maculatus
Australian Rainbows 
Dwarf Yellow (Pea) Puffers

2” Haplochromis Electric Blue Ahli 
2” Haplochromis Nyererei
2” Haplochromis Milomo
2.5” Asst. Peacocks


Purple Pseudochromis
Red Lip Blennies
Domino Clowns *tank raised*
Orange Scorpion Toadfish
Md. Yellow Phil. Tangs
Green Thalasoma Wrasse
12” Banded Shark
Nassarius Snails
Sea Cucumber
Orchid Dottybacks *tank raised*
Black Ice Clowns *tank raised*
Flurry Clowns *tank raised*
Md. Lineatus Tangs
2” Niger Triggers
Sm. Angler
Arrow Crabs
Camel Back Shrimp
Chocolate Chip Starfish

2.5” Dom. Calico Fans
2” Imp. Blue Orandas
2” Imp. Sarassa Orandas 
1.5”  Imp. Sarassa Fantails
2” Imp. Black Telescopes
Banana Plants
2-2.5” Red & White Comets 
2” Imp. Red Orandas
1.5” Imp. White Orandas
3” Imp. Black Telescopes
Golden Rabbit Snails 
Lily Dwarf Plants 

Green Anoles 
Green Tree Frogs
Leopard Geckos
Bearded Dragons


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