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Bill to prohibit the sale of Puppies, kittens, and RABBITS by pet stores in Connecticut

A bill has been introduced that would prohibit the sale of Puppies, kittens, and RABBITS from CT pet stores.


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“Without standing together, there is real potential for an end of the era of aquariums….”

Laura “Peach” Reid, PIJAC Board Chair

The World Pet Association (WPA) honored Laura "Peach" Reid, president Matsui Lifetime Achievement Award.
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Access our full inventory of Fresh Water Tropicals, Salt Water Fish and Invertebrates, African Cichlids, Brackish Species and Synodontis Cats, Domestic and Imported Goldfish, Aquatic Specialties, Plants, Reptiles and Amphibians, Small Animals (we are U.S.D.A. licensed), Birds, Live & Frozen foods, and Selected Dry Goods from our INVENTORY.

This Weeks Super Specials June 10th to June 14th

Lyretail Mollies           
Balloon Belly Mollies      
Black Moscow Gups (male only)   
Flying Fox           
Balloon Belly Mollies      
Flowerhorn Cichlids        
Lg. Rainbow Cichlids       
Curvicep Cichlids     
Blue Dot Yellow Watchman Goby               
Texas Cichlids    
Md. Green Phantom Plecos        
Lg. Albino Bushynose Plecos      
Sunset Thicklip Gouramies          
Male Turquoise Gouramies        
Asst. Veiltail Oscars        
Tribal (Blk Widow) Blenny           
Green Terrors Anglers
4-Line Cats         
Eupterus Cats   
Golden Sharks  
Albino Polypterus Senegalus Eels 
Md. Clown Knives           
Tinfoil Barbs      
Weather Loach 
Gold Panda
Black Barred Silver Dollars      
High Head Glass Fish      
Burmese Clouded Archers  

Hap. Ahli             
Hap Red Empress            
Hap. Milomo     
Red Top Zebras


Jewel Damsel    
Blue Acara          
TR Domino Clownfish                    
Longnose Butterflyfish             
Velvet Damsels                 
Sm. Panther Grouper    
Adult Coris Wrasse   
Lg. Tomato Clown 
PJ Cardinals                  





Lg. Land Tree Hermit Crabs         
Bearded Dragons       


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