Week of April 24th - April 28th




2.5”- 3” Silver Dollar Tetras
2” S. A. Red Tail Cats
Chocolate Ghost Knives
2.5” Polypterus Senegalus Eels  *TR*
4” Clown Knives
Flag Fish Killifish
2.5” Red Hook Tetras
2.5”- 3” Orange Parrot Fish
2” Electric Blue Acara Cichlids
2.5” Tricolor Cats   *cat sharks*
Lg. Gold Rams
Clown Plecos
2.5” Blue Plecos     L-239
1.5” Bumble Bee Cats
5”- 6” Blue Phantom Plecos  L-128
Ct. Acutirostris   (leopard) 
4” Tire Track Eels
Blue Tetras
3”- 4” Lima Shovel Nose
3” Blue Dolphin Cats
5” Dragon Eels
2.5” Baby Whales
Assorted Swordtails
Black Swordtails
12” Red Atabapo Pikes
4” Geophagus Balzani Cichlids
2.5”- 3” Geo. Heckelli  *thread fin*
2” Rainbow Cichlids
2”- 2.5” Orange Seam Plecos  L-106
3” Royal Plecos
4”- 5” Green Phantom Plecos  L-200
2” Spotted Raphael Cats
10”- 12” Fire Eels
Bucktooth (exodon) Tetras



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Fish Mart actively promotes the Aquarium Hobby throughout the Northeast.

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 Laura "Peach" Reid - OP-ED
The Hartford Courant

...misguided activists desperate to recast store owners who sell puppies and kittens as dispassionate, removed, careless capitalists."


Walk-in Hours for pre-authorized pet stores only are:

Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday
7a.m. - 5 p.m.
Thursday 7 a.m. - 3 p.m.
Friday 9 a.m. - 1 p.m.



Northeast U.S. Delivery Fleet



In Memory of Robert (Bob) Reid

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2” Blue Peacocks
2” Pseudotropheus Demasoni 
2” Haplochromis Red Fin Borleyi
2” Pseudotropheus White Tail Acei





*TR* Domino Clowns
Sm. Anglers
Md. Dusky Jaw Fish
Black Engineer Gobies
Sm. Humu Humu (Picasso) Triggers
Spotted “PJ” Cardinals
Lantern Basslets
Md. Yellow Anthias
S/M Bali Percula Clowns
Algae Blennies
Sm. Niger Triggers
Garden Eels






2.5”- 3” Canary Yellow Comets
2.5” Dom. Asst. Butterfly Koi
3” Imported Red Cap Orandas
3” Imported Red Telescopes
5” Imported Assorted Orandas
Brazilian Sword Plants
2.5” Domestic Assorted Koi
Trap Door Snails
1.5” Imp. Choc. Pom Pom Orandas
1.5” Imported Sarassa Lionheads
Red Onion Nerite Snails
Md. Anubias Frazeri Plants



Green Anoles     
 “wild type” Axolotls   
Bearded Dragons    
Green Tree Frogs   
“wild type” Glow Axolotls  



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Marine Aquatic Trends Jul 2nd, 2015
Aquatic Trends
The future of Pet Fish
By Laura “Peach” Reid


We are active, participating members of the following Trade Associations

Pet Industry Joint Advisory Council

Pet Industry Distributors Assoc.

   Florida Tropical Fish Farms Association

   World Pet Association

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Forum: State is right to regulate animal rescues, shelters

By Laura “Peach” Reid

For the last several years, Connecticut legislators have been working to protect pets and consumers from unethical actors in the companion animal industry trade. As chairwoman of the Board for PIJAC — the Pet Industry Joint Advisory Council, which advocates for legislation to connect healthy pets with loving owners — and the CEO of Fish Mart, Inc., I couldn’t be more pleased with our state leaders for recognizing our collective responsibility to beloved household pets. read more

PIJAC board Chair honored as Woman of Influence by Pet Age
By PIJAC Staff

PIJAC is proud to announce that Laura “Peach” Reid, the first female Chair of our Board of Directors, has been honored as a “Woman of Influence” by Pet Age.

With over 40 years in the responsible pet industry, Peach is well-known for her business leadership and her community service. Currently the President and CEO of Fish Mart, Inc., Reid has served as PIJAC’s Board Chair since March 2016.

“I am grateful to Pet Age for honoring me as a Woman of Influence,” said Reid, who has served on multiple boards in her hometown of Orange, Connecticut, at her alma mater University of New Haven, and elsewhere. “It’s an honor to be in the company of so many women who have helped guide the pet industry to where it is today. I hope that Pet Age’s award will serve as an example of what is possible for women across our industry.”

The Pet Age honor is just the latest for Reid, who in 1998 was honored as a “Woman of Substance” in the Connecticut Post, and received the Connecticut Small Business Person of the Year award in 2001. In 2015, she received PIJAC’s “Chairman’s Award of Excellence” in recognition of her tireless work on issues affecting the entire pet industry at the state and local levels across Connecticut.

“Nobody deserves this honor more than Peach,” said PIJAC President and CEO Mike Bober. “We at PIJAC benefit from her experience and dedication on a daily basis, and her positive influence can be seen throughout the responsible pet industry.”

Fish Mart Supports Project Piaba

The Mission of Project Piaba is to increase the environmental, animal welfare, and social sustainability of the Amazonian aquarium fish trade read more

New Salt Water Invert System and 2 New Goldfish Systems are up and running !!!!!!!



These are photos of a donation we at Fish Mart made to CPWDA, the CT Police Work Dog Association.

Pictured are West Haven Officer Standish, Laura Reid and West Haven

Officer Bloom with Cody. The donation helps fund the training of these and other police dogs.




PIJAC Welcomes New Chair,
Laura J. “Peach” Reid

Dear Valued Clients and Suppliers,

One of my goals as PIJAC’s Chairman of the Board of Directors is to help unify the pet industry and broadly communicate the excellent work we all do.

It is our collective responsibility to continually educate ourselves and our customers on best practices.

To that end, please read the document linked below. I hope you find it not only informative, but in line with your own thinking and practices.

Please know that I, and the PIJAC Board and staff, welcome your thoughts, suggestions and concerns, so feel free to contact me/ us! If you are not a PIJAC member, I also encourage you to join. We need all of us working together, and that includes helping to fund our work (the Board of Directors is all volunteers). (membership tab).


Laura "Peach" Reid
President & CEO

PIJAC Aquatics Document

Read More

Celebrating our 42nd year!

The Northeast's largest wholesale livestock distributor selling exclusively to retail pet and aquarium stores, and public aquariums!

Peach Reid is recognized with
"2015 PIJAC Chairman’s Award of Excellence"
at PIJAC’s Top2Top Conference

  Fish Mart actively promotes and supports the aquarium hobby

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